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How to Ubuntu


How to Ubuntu aim to provide reliable, precise, tested tutorials on anything and everything Ubuntu.

The Testing of our Tutorials

All our Tutorials are tested with all Versions listed on that Individual How To, across WUBI, Dual-Boot, Virtualbox and Clean Installs of Ubuntu. Individual packages may cause some interference to some Tutorials, but unfortunately we cannot test them all.

Ease of Use

We aim to make this site, and it's tutorials, easy for everyone to use, navigate, and execute regardless of placement, language, eyesight, hearing, manual dexterity, or experience.


To keep this site relevant in a rapidly evolving landscape, all tutorials will be checked and marked for more recent versions as they are released.Replacements will be created and linked as necessary.

Specific Problems with Ubuntu

Please use to ask questions about your Ubuntu.


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How to Cut, Copy, and Paste in the Terminal in Ubuntu 433

How to Resize Partitions with the Ubuntu or GParted Live CD 112

How to Execute a .Run or .Bin file in Ubuntu 91

How to Install LAMP on Ubuntu 59



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