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How to Ubuntu


Report Problems

If you experience an issue, with our site or one of our tutorials, you should report it as an issue on our GitHub repository. Try to include your Browser and Operating System, as well as an exact copy of any error messages you received.

Fix Problems

If you have experience in working with Ubuntu, professionally or not, and especially if you have previously worked with a Virtual Environment Solution like VirtualBox, you may be able to help by fixing filed issues. Alternatively, individuals with experience improving websites may be able to assist in developing How to Ubuntu further.

Write Tutorials

If you have a good command of English and an advanced skillset you wish to share, you could write a Tutorial for us. Tutorials are committed to our GitHub repository in the same way as bugfixes. If you are not familiar with Git you may not be ready to write Tutorials for us. You can work towards it by learning Git.

If you do feel ready to begin writing, you should fork our repository (once for each contribution), and get started using our Tutorial Template and Tutorial Checklist. In the future, we will be adding a Wiki page in which we will list requested Tutorials.


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