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How to Install or Upgrade to the latest version of Gimp in Ubuntu

Gimp is one of the most popular image editing programs that doesn't cost big money. This free programme is frequently tooted as an alternative for Adobe Photoshop. Unfortunately, the Ubuntu sources don't tend to stock the most recent version.


If you have followed any of our "things to do after installing Ubuntu" tutorials, then you already have the latest version of GIMP, and do not need to follow these instructions.

In the Update Manager

If you are not familiar or comfortable adding PPAs and installing software through the command line, then you can accomplish everything we wish to do with the Update Manager, but it may take slightly longer.

In Precise, open your Update Manager. Then, click Settings. Under the Other Software tab, click Add. Paste the following line into the box and enter your password when prompted.

Repeat for this line.

Close the Software Sources window and Check for Updates.

Open the Software Centre and search for Gimp, or just Install Gimp.

Once you've found it or clicked that link (which you may be asked to confirm, tick the checkbox so you don't get asked again), you'll need to click Install in the top-right-hand-corner of the Software Centre.

In the Terminal

Adding the repository, updating, and installing the latest gimp, can be done via one unified command. You will need to enter your (administrator) password, and then press Enter (sometimes called return) when prompted to confirm the addition of a new (and previously untrusted) software source.

If you prefer, or just for explanatory purposes, these are the individual commands, where && runs the commands one after the other.

This command adds the new Software Repository.

This command Updates the Software Sources, so your computer knows what software is available in your new repository.

This command installs Gimp, or updates it is it is already installed. It will also install or update any dependencies (required packages/software).

Congratulations, you have just Installed or Upgraded Gimp in Ubuntu!


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