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How to Save the Planet with Granola Personal

Granola Personal is a small little app that cycles down your CPU in an intelligent manner to save computer time and money, but mainly energy and trees.

Install Granola

Add Repository

You need to add the repository to recieve updates, and granola recommends a bash script, but this package which they also provide is much easier.

Download this package (precise only, go here to choose another version), and install it (by double clicking on the downloaded file).

Download Granola

You can download and install Granola by clicking the link below, or executing the code, also below.

Install Granola ›

Change Settings

By default, Granola doesn't display anything, it just cycles down your CPU when you're not using it so much. I can vouch that i noticed no ill effects, but apparently save over 50% power when just browsing an typing.

If, however, i then start playing a mid-level game, it becomes noticeable. At that point, you can turn it off.

You do not do this by closing it, but by going to Edit and Preferences, and selecting Highest Power.

Other preferences include Currency, Energy Cost per kWh, changing CO2 saved from Kg to Lb, and (the only one I had to fiddle with) Annual of Cumulative counting. I don't want to know what I'll save if I do this for a year, I want to know what I've already done.

In case you're wondering how much of a difference this makes, no, £30 is not a lot of money (yearly), but if i save enough CO2 for a 500 mile flight, two trees and a gallon of petrol this year, I'll feel a little better, even if i have to tap something before gaming/video rendering.

Granola Personal in Ubuntu

Congratulations, you have just started Saving the Planet (and Power) with Granola Personal for Ubuntu!


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