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How to Install and Update avast! Antivirus in Ubuntu

Ubuntu doesn’t tend to get viruses, but if you work with Windows, you can scan your machine using avast! Antivirus, once you’ve fixed the update issue.

How to make your Dual Boot better with Burg

Burg gives you the ability to use custom themes for selecting your bootloader, both with and without text. It also opens up the possibility of customizing and developing your own themes.

How to Install Cairo Dock 3 in Ubuntu

Cairo Dock is an OS X like approach to alternative desktop environment. This tutorial will teach you how to install the latest version.

How to Install GIMP in Ubuntu

GIMP is one of the most popular image editing programs that doesn’t cost big money. This free programme is frequently tooted as an alternative for Adobe Photoshop. Unfortunately, the Ubuntu sources don’t tend to stock the most recent version.

How to Install LAMP in Ubuntu

The following tutorial presumes you understand what a LAMP Server is, how to work a website from the back end. It also expect experience running other Basic Terminal Commands.

How to Install Skype in Ubuntu!

The version of Skype is often out of date in the official repositories for Ubuntu. Upgrading to or Installing the latest version of Skype in Ubuntu is a simple as downloading the right package, opening it, and hitting Upgrade or Install.

How to Install Skype Wrapper and Integrate Skype into Ubuntu

If you’ve used Skype then you may have come across some of the patchy integration that is now Microsoft’s problem. While they take their time fixing that, there is, in typical Linux fashion, a home-grown alternative. Skype Wrapper gives you tighter integration into Ubuntu and Unity via a convenient python app.

How to Install Spotify in Ubuntu

While Spotify has no supported release for Linux as such, there is, hidden away a little bit, a nice little “Preview” release that runs reasonably well, even if it is not the most native of applications.

How to Install Transmission 3 in Ubuntu

Transmission is a fast, easy, free bittorrent client. This tutorial will teach you how to install the latest version in Ubuntu.